Nat. SBIS Ch. Agha Djari's Forever In My Heart
- Devon -

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born July 1998
(SBIS Ch. Gazon Do What You Say x SBIS Ch. Agha Djari's Cigourney)

 Breeder & Owner: Stefan Boieck

  • Young-Winner of the German National 1999 with 12 months

  • BOB-Winner German National 2000 and BIS over 360 sighthounds with just 2 years

  • Germany's No.1 Afghan 2000 (all systems) with two years

  • Devon is also a great courser, she started at two int. coursings, was both times best afghan over 50 afghans and on the way to her Dual Championship

  • Devon will have her first litter out of Jason at the beginning of February 2001

  • mother of the I-litter


"Devon" was shown in 2000 17 times in Germany, she was always placed

04/2000 Berlin, exc.3, Dan James/UK
04/2000 Koeln, exc.4, Langer
04/2000 Colmar/France, exc.2, Res. CACIB / Res. CAC, Derouet/F
04/2000 Groenwold, exc.3 (Cocozza/GB)
05/2000 Dortmund, European-Show, exc.1, CAC (Arris/GB)
05/2000 Garbsen, exc.1, CAC (Lennartz)
05/2000 Ingolstadt, exc.1, CAC/BOB/BIS (Popp)
05/2000 Solingen, exc.1, CAC/state-winner Rheinland (Dams/B)
06/2000 Straubing, exc.2, Res. CACIB / Res. CAC (Boucek/Cz)
06/2000 World-Show Milan, exc.4, (Huidobro/Sp)
07/2000 Luxemburg, exc.1, CACL/BOS (Mattera/F)
07/2000 Koeln-National, exc.1, CAC/National-Winner/BOB/BIS (Roedde)
07/2000 Ingolstadt, exc.1, CACIB/CAC/BOS (Frankenberger)
07/2000 Landstuhl, exc.1, CAC/state-winner Baden-Kurpfalz (Frankenberger)
08/2000 Dresden, exc.1 (Winner-Class), state-winner Sachsen (Popp)
08/2000 Donaueschingen, exc.3 (Mr.Miller/USA)
08/2000 Donaueschingen, exc.1, CAC (Barjot/F)
08/2000 Huenstetten, Statewinner (Winner-Class) Hessen-Thueringen, BOS (Parsell/GB)
09/2000 Luxembourg, exc.1, CAC , Luxembourg Ch. (Indigo/Spain)
10/2000 Dortmund, exc.4 (Mechelen/B)
10/2000 Dortmund, exc.1, CAC, Res. CACIB (Joergensen/Denmark)